Be a nub no longer

Here at Mindynamics, we value knowledge, experience, skillset, and great personalities. We are known to share our ways with those who wish to learn. We are often found helping out in the various technical IRC channels pertaining to our fields (#rubyonrails, etc)

Our members must acquire the skills to survive (by mastering) any obstacle--as a collaborative agency, we do this together. As a result, we have have witnessed the art of teaching/learning by doing, both in ourselves and in our trainees.

Those that have experienced this style of development will know that it is not as important that you have some piece of information, but that you are able to acquire this information quickly and use it effectively. Trial and error is okay! Begin doing a task, seeing your mistakes, and refining the bits of knowledge down to a sharp knife with which you can cut similar problems with in the future.

Anyone can learn to harness and mold the web the way we do. Feel free to make contact.

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