Our team takes a genuine interest in what you're trying to accomplish, helping you to realize your app's potential.
If you've already got an app, but it just needs some fixing, we will read the code and complete the specs.
If you just have an idea and don't know what to do next, we are here to help.
We've gained an exorbitant amount of knowledge and acquired a vast skill-set in our careers, and know how to put it to good use in helping you make progress today.
We've helped clients go from a business idea into a robust web application (including billing systems and CMS) deployed on a VPS or in the cloud, since 2009.

Cloud Architecture

Our team is composed of experts in this field. We have successfully architected and shipped several systems and are more recently becoming well-versed with OpenStack and its surrounding technologies. These are exciting times indeed.


We have the skills and experience to create iOS and Android applications that can interface with hardware (Camera, Accelerometer, Location) and the internet (e.g. connect with your web application.).
We'll consult you on how best to take your system mobile (e.g. should you go native, or go with a hybrid mobile web strategy?)


Sometimes you just need to go native. For example you may be building something that integrates with other programs on the desktop and it can only be done via a .NET, Qt, or Cocoa application.


We have experience with building systems using AVR microcontrollers. Since then, we've done much more development with Arduino.
Often times these embedded systems will end up talking to the cloud -- this necessitates shops like Mindynamics to be a one-stop-shop. We are no exception.

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